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“Crafting Vision. Mastering Strategy. It’s All We Do.”

Experience Excellence with KTA Interactive Media

At KTA Interactive, we deliver top-notch services that exceed expectations. With years of experience, we confidently elevate every project we undertake.


                                                     Why Choose KTA Interactive?

Tailored Solutions: We understand your unique needs and goals, ensuring our services meet your specific requirements.

Cutting-Edge Technology: We use the latest tools and techniques for efficient, accurate, and effective results.

Exceptional Value: We focus on delivering exceptional value and consistently achieve this goal.

We are based out of the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) and we utilize the latest video marketing strategies for home services businesses and brands. Our strategic video packages enhance your existing marketing funnels and sales systems.


                                                                            Our Approach:

Dedicated Partnership: We act as your dedicated video department, working closely with your team.

In-Depth Understanding: We learn everything about your company to create impactful videos that drive growth.

You can trust us to elevate your projects with forward-thinking video marketing strategies.

Mission Statement:

                       Our Mission: Elevating Your Business Above the Competition

Our mission is simple. We craft innovative and impactful ad campaigns that deliver outstanding results for our clients. We strive to enhance our communities by bridging the gap between exceptional contractors and talented individuals. Through compelling storytelling, we help contractors attract the ideal clients and build the dedicated teams they deserve.

Meet your new production team

We operate with a small core team that is both agile and dynamic, allowing us to swiftly adapt and tackle challenges with versatility. You can count on our award-winning team of experts to deliver substantial results for your business, all while maintaining exceptional speed and adaptability.”

While we’re based in the CSRA and we do travel- our network of top-rated video professionals allows us to provide our strategic video production services to home service businesses nationwide.

Whether in South Carolina, Georgia, or anywhere in the Southeast, our team is ready to give your business the same five-star experience our clients have come to know and love.

Best Selling Author





Comedy/Drama/Historical Fiction


Marketing/ Networking/ Connecting/ G&E

International Award Winning Film Maker





Horror/Suspense Thriller/Mystery


Editing/ pre & post production/ Distribution/ Drone Ops

Content Creator




Comedy/Adventure/Sports/ Music


Distribution/ Editing/ Social Media Strategist

How we do what we do

We've partnered with some of the brightest talent in the CRSA to bring out the best for our clients

"Anyone can shoot video but it takes expertise & care to create masterpieces. "

K.J. Bradley, Founder

It would be our honor to bring your vision to life, Contact us today!

Our Promise

KTA Interactive aspires to be the premiere digital media partner for the community service sector based on four core values: Respect, Integrity, Innovation and passion.

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